Why should a mom see a Chiropractor? Let’s find out!

Your entire world is focused around your beautiful tiny humans, but if you come out of the baby fog (even for a second!) you may realize you’ve got some aches and pains throughout your body. Maybe it’s a sore neck, nagging pain in your lower back or a constant headache? We shouldn’t forget a lesson we’ve been taught every time we board a plane: “before you assist others, always put your oxygen mask on first.” If momma goes down, we take the whole house with us. Let’s put the focus on you so once you’re back up to speed you can give your little ones all your love and attention.

So, how can chiropractors help? Chiropractors are like mechanics of the body looking at the muscles, joints, and nerves. We help loosen tight muscles, improve joint motion, release tight ligaments and provide back saving posture advice. At Wellness House, we give customized exercises/stretches for our moms to do at home while playing with their little ones so not to add another item to the to-do list (who needs that!).

Here are the top three reasons mommas go to chiropractors:

BACK PAIN – 50-80% of women experiences back pain during pregnancy and many of these women continue to experience pain or discomfort postpartum. This is not surprising as the average weight gain during pregnancy is around 30 pounds (mostly in the belly), which changes the way you walk, exercise, and even sleep!

NECK PAIN – When your baby is born you are mesmerized, spending hours looking down feeding, holding and snuggling your baby. This can cause a huge strain on the joints and muscles in your neck and upper back.

POSTURE – During pregnancy you had a 30 pound bowling ball for a belly and now you’ve got a baby, diaper bag, car seat, stroller to lug around … oh and not to forget, this is Canada so winter gear is another struggle! Small tweaks in posture while performing these daily tasks can really help. That constant hip or shoulder issue is happening for a reason.

The Wellness House team is here to help you get out of pain, prevent pain and keep your body firing on all cylinders. After all, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, we can all use a helping hand. Don’t forget to look out for number 1!

Dr. Nicole Fournier – Chiropractor

Mom playing with her baby