Physiotherapy care is specialized for each patient and can range from helping an injured worker return to work, improving core strength to help decrease low back pain, restoring function after surgery or bringing an athlete back to their optimal performance.

Physiotherapy can include personalized stretches, acupuncture, muscle strengthening, core stabilization exercises, balance and proprioceptive training and specialized return to work or play movement training.

Man stretching at sunrise by ocean

Lady balancing on a bosu ball

What to expect?

Our physiotherapists spend the entire session with you directly. We utilize a hands on approach, we do not utilize machines. We believe that every patient is unique and we create a specific treatment plan tailored to you.

Some of the common conditions we treat with Physiotherapy:

Concussion Golfer’s Elbow Pre/Post Surgeries Neck Pain Tennis Elbow Tendonitis
Dizziness/Vertigo TMJ/TMD/Jaw Problems Whiplash Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Low Back Pain Sprain/Strains
Arthritis Headaches Sciatica Rotator Cuff Injuries Plantar Facisitis And much more

Questions? Connect with us!

Feel free to ask any questions over the phone (613-722-7799), or get in touch via our contact form below. Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer as soon as they can.
To ensure the safety of patients, practitioners and staff, we have changed significantly the way we operate. Please watch the following 2 minute video to see the added safety precautions and the new flow through the clinic. We are currently not allowing online bookings as practitioner schedules are fluid, please call 613.722.7799 to book.WATCH HERE