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Meet our Practitioners

Dr J’aime Goguen – Chiropractor

Dr. Goguen is one of our Chiropractors known for taking an active approach to treating her patients. She is currently training in Powerlifting at 613 LIFT Ltd, and performs Salsa at the Azúcar! Latin Dance Company. Through her own personal experiences, she understands the importance of remaining active and doing what she loves, and she ensures that her patients are able to do the same. Dr. Goguen also keeps current in education as she is enrolled at McMaster University for Medical Acupuncture, and is currently participating in a clinical research study for her alumni at Queen’s University (more information to follow!). Feel free to book an initial consultation with her through our website or call the clinic on 613 722 7799!

Dr J’aime Goguen on the top of a mountain Dr J’aime Goguen – Chiropractor at Wellness House