Zack graduated from McGill University with a Masters in Physical Therapy. After arriving in Ottawa, he started his professional career in a sports medicine organization with a focus on orthopaedics. He had an amazing opportunity to work with a diverse clientele of all ages, ranging from high performance athletes, to weekend warriors to the sedentary.


In order to provide the optimal quality of care, Zack focuses on client-centered, personalized and evidence-based physiotherapy. He continues to stay abreast of the latest research and to pursue life-long learning by taking many post-graduate courses. His tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Mechanical diagnostic technique (MDT McKenzie treatment)
  • Fascia manipulation (FM)
  • Exercises prescription
  • Neurodynamic mobilization
  • Motor retraining
  • Acupuncture/IMS (intramuscular stimulation)


At work, Zack’s greatest joy is to empower each client to be able to regain function after any acute or chronic injury. He enjoys building a great relationship with each and every one he treats. Zack creates individualized treatment plans because no injury or person is the same. He values the opportunity to meet anyone or any family who are in need of a physiotherapist whom they can rely on. His most proud moments are when clients entrust him with not only their own health care, but also refer their friends and family members.


As a family man and weekend warrior himself, Zack values the quality of life that a healthy life-style brings. He hopes to pass his positive and inspiring spirit onto other people. During his own leisure time, he can be found dancing on the badminton court with friends, and roaming on the dance floor with his wife, Jun. He also volunteers with St John’s Ambulance to do what he can to help our community.

 Masters of Physical Therapy

 Bachelor of Rehabilitation Science



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