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You have back pain, now what?

“ Back pain is common. The treatments are simple, even when it is acute. Be active. Or as they say in Australia: ‘Back pain? Don’t take it lying down’!” Dr. Angela Mailis-Gagnon, MD, MSc

With all the advice on the TV, Radio and Magazines about the best treatments for back pain, we figured we would sum it up for you. We know that back pain affects over 80% of adults at one point or another and choosing the best treatment can be confusing. This link that we have attached is from the Institute for Work and Health is a booklet explaining why back pain happens, how to deal with it and how to try to prevent it in the future. As Chiropractors we are here to help you with your pain.

All too often we see patients that tried to “rest” away their back pain, or simply mask it with pills or creams. The treatments listed here have been carefully studied in large groups of people with acute low-back pain.
What Works:
– Staying Active
– Spinal Manipulation
– Heat
– Massage
– Over the counter pain meds- however these only mask the pain in the beginning and should not be used as a long term solution

What Doesn’t Work:
– Bed Rest
– Traction

Check out this link if you want more info:

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