Why Exercise?

via: Cochrane Collaboration

Low Back Pain (LBP) is common in the population. 80% of adults will have at least one episode of acute LBP. Current research indicates at least 1/2 of those (40%) will have recurrences of their pain. A recent meta-study (a compilation of studies) showed that in 2-5 years 70% of LBP patients had another episode. This number dropped in HALF (to 35%) if the patient exercised the back regularly!

Advice to LBP patients:

1) Stay Active – bed rest and restricted activity do more to slow your progress and reduce your recovery than any other step you take. As quickly as possible increase your activity, hurt does not equal harm.

2) Clinical treatment guidelines have been created. Only 5 treatments have been shown to have benefit in treating low back pain, acute (recent onset) and chronic (longer than 6-12 weeks)
1. Manipulation/mobilisation

2. Acupuncture

3. Massage

4. Mild analgesics (NSAIDS)

5. Exercise
Note:Lumbar supports/braces, narcotics and injections did not appear to contribute to recovery.

3) Follow through with the exercises that are prescribed. Your chiropractor has given you these to help reduce the risk of re-occurrence. However, exercise alone (no other care given) did not reduce the re-occurrence.

4) Follow up with your Chiropractor. Although exercise reduces the risk by 50%, there is still moderate risk of re-occurrence. We are here to help reduce this risk with early detection and exercise review. Each patient’s follow up plan will be different based on your needs, we consider ourselves to be partners in your care.

At the Wellness House, our Chiropractors can provide direction for all of these services.