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5 Strengthening Exercises to Reduce the Effects of Pregnancy Related Postural Changes

Many women experience aches and pains during pregnancy, these exercises can help to reduce these symptoms.

1. Pelvic Tilts for Neutral Spine- Neutral spine is when your spine is neither arched nor sagging and your core is tightened. To find neutral spine start on your hands and knees and gently rock your pelvis so that the top of your pelvis is tilting back slightly without arching your back.

Safe Exercise for Pregnancy

Exercise has been shown to lower physical discomforts and complications during pregnancy, including having less back pain and increasing stability. Exercise has also been shown to help with many other factors including; excessive weight gain, post-partum weight retention, gestational diabetes, development of type 2 diabetes later in life, obesity, heart disease, and the increased endorphins (t…

Getting Back into Routine!

There are two times of the year we see people flocking back to the gym to get back in shape and routine, January and back to school time. Are you one of these people? How long have you been away from regular exercise? Before beginning a new exercise program it is a good idea to talk with a professional to have them assess your abilities, and help you to prevent injuries.

If you have already…

Magnesium for Muscle Pain

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that helps your body maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps your heart rhythm regular, supports bone formation and improves athletic performance. Unfortunately with the depletion of nutrients from our soils many of the vegetables and grains that we eat have lower levels of magnesium now leading to most people being deficient.

Magnesium is often…

A Parliamentary Experience Continued!

Following the testimony that Drs. Jackson and Brough gave back in December 2013, the Standing Committee on National Defence has recommended that Chiropractic Care be included and strongly endorses the proposal by the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Congratulations Drs. Jackson and Brough! The entire article can be read below.

Standing Committee on National Defence Endorses CCA…

5 Ways to Adjust your Bike to Your Body

While adjusting your bicycle is a complex task and you should consult a Bike Fitter for any major or initial adjustments, these few tips can be used if you are experiencing pain:

1. Get the right bike saddle- using the right saddle (aka seat) will support your pelvis. The size of saddle depends largely on the person and the type of riding you do. If the saddle is wide enough to distribute your…

Testify….My Parliamentary Experience

As noted in my previous blog, preparing for the Canadian Forces expert panel was a long process leading to an intense week of interaction. The final success of that project was in the presentation of the algorithm for the Plan of Management for Low Back Pain to the Deputy Surgeon General, and the opening of a dialogue about inclusion of chiropractic care in that process. This gained a partner in…

Spinal Task Force

In September 2013 Dr. Jackson was invited to attend an Expert Panel on the Development of a Spinal Pathway for the Department of National Defense as a representative of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), this is his brief report!

It is well known that musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries are responsible for a remarkable burden of cost and lost work and a significant number of members…

Shoveling the North “thumb” berland Way

We’re in the middle of it now. The cold, the snow and short days. As the white stuff accumulates on your drive and walkways does your back ache just thinking about getting your boots, jacket and hat on to clear it all up…again.

We can’t make the snow disappear, but the job is easier if you do it right.

The biggest change in technique we are suggesting is the direction of your thumb on…

DND Annoucement

Thank you annoucement published in CCA Connect:

DND Announcement

The Canadian Chiropractic Association would like to sincerely thank Dr. Eric Jackson, Ottawa chiropractor, who served as chiropractic representative at the Canadian Forces (CF) Expert Panel on low back pain from September 16-21, 2013. The multi-disciplinary panel met to develop a proposed pathway for the management of low…

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