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Tylenol (Acetaminophen) VS Spinal care (Chiropractic) & Exercise?

Recent research out of Sydney, Australia has looked at the effectiveness of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for people suffering from acute low back pain and osteoarthritis. It was published in February 2015 in the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ). Here is what they found….

Researchers underwent a detailed systematic review of all available research and found that there is no evidence to support the use of Tylenol for acute low back pain when compared to placebo (fake tablets). When Tylenol was compared to placebo for osteoarthritis, it proved to give some minor short term relief but was insignificant clinically for helping the individuals.

Majority of Chiropractors see patients coming in daily with low back pain or joint aches and pains in which people have been taking Tylenol and other over the counter “pain killers” as if they were candy for a few days/weeks with no results. Chiropractic Doctors are now able to refer to the most current research to enable the best care possible for their patients.

This new updated research further strengthens the evidence supporting the use of spinal care and exercise to help people with their back pain and osteoarthritic joints recover and maintain their conditions. Chiropractic doctors are the experts in low back pain, they are able to prescribe rehabilitation exercises, providing the most effective solution for acute low back pain and osteoarthritic joint pain.

Here at Wellness House Chiropractic, we help all patients with back pain and those that suffer from osteoarthritic joint pain daily. We have strong connections with other health professionals ensuring that you have the best care possible!

To read the article from BMJ please click here Full Article)

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