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Testify….My Parliamentary Experience

As noted in my previous blog, preparing for the Canadian Forces expert panel was a long process leading to an intense week of interaction. The final success of that project was in the presentation of the algorithm for the Plan of Management for Low Back Pain to the Deputy Surgeon General, and the opening of a dialogue about inclusion of chiropractic care in that process. This gained a partner in the undertaking and a willingness to work together. As a result an application made by the CCA to appear before the Parliamentary Committee for Defense, chaired by the Hon. Peter Kent. Dr. Ken Brough (as CCA board member) and I (as the CCA head of Chiropractic Initiative to Canadian Forces) were invited to testify before the committee. This was a great privilege…but scary!!!!

The day started clear and cold with the security check at THE HOUSE (of Parliament) and going on to the committee room. It was an oak paneled room with Parliamentarians around a “U” shaped table and the witnesses at the bottom of the “U” in full view. Everything is recorded audio and video, and your testimony, while not under oath is kept in The Hansard, a parliamentary record.

Dr. Brough handled the first part of our 45 minute presentation about the CCA, its mandate, and the issues we see we may be able to assist with. Then it was my turn to give review of the literature and suggest the addition of chiropractors to the CF spinal care team. The Parliamentarians truly seemed interested in what we had to say and asked good questions about how we had come to our conclusions. We left with the feeling that our message was received and the political will existed to initiate the Chiropractic Integration trial. It will likely require months to years to get it rolling, but in my mind it is hardest to get a rock moving, easier to keep it rolling.

I’m proud to have been a part of the CCA proposition and look forward to having members of my profession assist in the care of injured soldiers in coming days.

Watch the full testimony video here.

Dr. Jackson

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