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Shoveling the North “thumb” berland Way

We’re in the middle of it now. The cold, the snow and short days. As the white stuff accumulates on your drive and walkways does your back ache just thinking about getting your boots, jacket and hat on to clear it all up…again.

We can’t make the snow disappear, but the job is easier if you do it right.

The biggest change in technique we are suggesting is the direction of your thumb on the hand closest to the blade. Most people have it facing away from them down the shovel which means as you load the shovel and begin to swing the load you are pivoting the back. Any rotation of the torso and bending forward (at ALL) is a recipe for a chiro visit.

Turn your hand around so the thumb is up the shovel (ie your thumbs are facing each other), bend your knees and shovel across your body throwing the snow directly to the side instead of ahead or behind you. This reduces strain to the arms and back.

Check out this brief video for more great tips!

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