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Let’s Garden!!!

Gardening is the number one cause of back injury in the spring and summer, follow these simple tips to reduce your risk!
• Before you start
• Stretch frequently throughout the time in the garden
• To cool down when you’re finished

Bend at the Knees and Pivot those Hips!
• Get close to the load
• Bend knees and keep back straight
• Keep load close to your body, and use your hips to pivot yourself upwards
• Pivot with your feet; don’t twist
• Slowly lower load, bending knees

The Right Moves and Tools
• Alternate your tasks
• Change hands often
• Check your position
• Kneel to plant and weed
• Use a hose instead of a watering can
• Use a lightweight wheelbarrow or a good cart to move heavy loads
• Select tools that are a comfortable weight and size for you
• Use long-handled, light-weight tools to avoid bending and twisting.

And Remember!
Always pace yourself, stay hydrated and protect yourself- don’t forget the sunblock!

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