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Jump for Your Adjustment!

Looking to increase athletic performance? Wondering what more Chiropractic can do?

A small blinded trial was conducted in young female athletes who were suffering from ankle joint dysfunction to see if an adjustment to the joint could affect their vertical jump height. The ankle joint, more technically referred to as the talocrural joint, is the joint formed from the ends of the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) and the top bone of the ankle, the talus. Half of the female athletes with ankle joint dysfunction received an adjustment to their ankle joint once a week for three weeks while the other half received a sham treatment once a week for three weeks. On average, those receiving the adjustment to their ankle joint saw an average 0.47 cm increase in their vertical jump as compared with the sham group.

Chiropractors treat more than just back pain, we are specialists in musculoskeletal injuries which means we are trained to treat all the joints of the body. Next time you are playing or training why not add Chiropractic care to your routine?

Dr. Nicole Fournier

Source: JMPT. February 2014. Vol. 37; Issue 2.

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