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I Love Feet!!!

Down at the end of your legs are these little pods we call feet. They bear up to 10x (or more!) of your body weight when running. They carry us from place to place and seldom get the respect they deserve. There are 25 bones arranged in an arc (one quarter of the total number of bones in your body are in your feet!), 33 joints and 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments! Wow, I’m tired just thinking about that.

Chiropractors are experts in Musculoskeletal anatomy and function. And the spine is certainly the central area of our focus, but the feet have a great deal of impact on the back. The three arches of the foot make it a “dome” like structure. Most people are aware of the inside arch, or the medial longitudinal arch of the foot. But the outside of the foot has a small arch from the heel to the base of the baby toe (5th metatarsal), and the front of the foot has a transverse arch at the base of the toes from the big toe to the baby toe.

When you walk, the swinging leg hits the ground 1st, this is the heel strike. Then the shock is absorbed by the under side of the foot and along the transverse arch(inside arch) to the toe off phase and finally swinging the leg forward. Simple right? Love your feet!

Dr. Eric Jackson

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