ART – Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique is a effective hands on manual technique.

Your muscle is taken through a range of motion whilst applying pressure to the muscle in a longitudinal direction simultaneously. Resulting in an intense stretch to the muscle allowing it to move freely of adhesions. This allows us to release the muscles, nerves, fascia, tendons and ligaments.

ART helps ensure that scar tissue is moving freely and does not attach to surrounding structures such as muscles and tendons. Allowing the scar tissue in the muscle to move with the muscle and not restrict any movement.

ART is a protocol that takes a long time learn and even longer to master. That is why here at Wellness House Tracy is our Active Release Therapist, specializing in purely ART for the last 16 years. Tracy is one of Ottawa’s most experienced practitioners and is heavily involved in Ottawa’s running, cycling and triathlon communities.

One of the many impressive aspects of Active Release Technique is that it is extremely effective. The results speak for themselves with the ability to improve function rapidly. Ideally we schedule several treatments close together to obtain the maximum results and returning you to your optimum.

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