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Does Everyone Need Custom Arch Supports?

In practice you see many trends come and go. Patients learn about these in the media and often ask if they need that too… One of our most frequently asked questions is; Do I need arch supports?

At Wellness House we have manufactured orthotics for 20 years and used other manufacturing services for 30+ years. So obviously we believe some folks do need custom orthotics. An orthotic gives you an ideal transition from your foot to the shoe. Shoes are made for everyone (ie NOT customized!!) …. your orthotics are made to fit your foot.

However, a study done at the Univeristy of Calgary (Beno Nigg) found that up to 85% of foot issues could be addressed with off the shelf, non-custom arch supports. As Chiropractors we evaluate your foot for its architecture, arch integrity and functional support and if possible will suggest the less expensive option of non-custom arch supports if we feel that will be enough to manage your needs. But sometimes, you will need more than these cheap and cheerful arch supports can offer. Especially if your feet are not symmetrical or if your metatarsal arch has fallen (see the last blog).

But my health plan pays for them, why not get custom ones? Companies that sell health care plans are not charities! Even if your extended health care plan pays, it is often money that may not need to be spent and eventually that excess expense will come back to you, such as through increased premiums and deductibles.

So have us take a peak at your feet, your gait and your posture to see if some help is needed.

Dr. Eric Jackson

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