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Dr. Fournier has been nominated in the category of Ottawa Best Chiropractor in the Ottawa Health and Wellness Expo’s Leadership in Health Awards!

She has been recognized for her work in helping patients achieve excellent results.

Winners will be announced on February 23rd during the online expo, voting ends on February 19th!

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Wear Red Canada

Wear Red Canada

This February we’re supporting the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre here in Ottawa by bringing attention to the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in North America.

$10 from every new patient this month will be donated to #HERHEARTMATTERS

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Why should a mom see a Chiropractor? Let’s find out!

Your entire world is focused around your beautiful tiny humans, but if you come out of the baby fog (even for a second!) you may realize you’ve got some aches and pains throughout your body. Maybe it’s a sore neck, nagging pain in your lower back or a constant headache? We shouldn’t forget a lesson we’ve been taught every time we board a plane: “before you assist others, always put your oxygen mask on first.” If momma goes down, we take the whole house with us. Let’s put the focus on you so once you’re back up to speed you can give your little ones all your love and attention.

So, how can chiropractors help? Chiropractors are like mechanics of the body looking at the muscles, joints, and nerves. We help loosen tight muscles, improve joint motion, release tight ligaments and provide back saving posture advice. At Wellness House, we give customized exercises/stretches for our moms to do at home while playing with their little ones so not to add another item to the to-do list (who needs that!).

Here are the top three reasons mommas go to chiropractors:

BACK PAIN – 50-80% of women experiences back pain during pregnancy and many of these women continue to experience pain or discomfort postpartum. This is not surprising as the average weight gain during pregnancy is around 30 pounds (mostly in the belly), which changes the way you walk, exercise, and even sleep!

NECK PAIN – When your baby is born you are mesmerized, spending hours looking down feeding, holding and snuggling your baby. This can cause a huge strain on the joints and muscles in your neck and upper back.

POSTURE – During pregnancy you had a 30 pound bowling ball for a belly and now you’ve got a baby, diaper bag, car seat, stroller to lug around … oh and not to forget, this is Canada so winter gear is another struggle! Small tweaks in posture while performing these daily tasks can really help. That constant hip or shoulder issue is happening for a reason.

The Wellness House team is here to help you get out of pain, prevent pain and keep your body firing on all cylinders. After all, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, we can all use a helping hand. Don’t forget to look out for number 1!

Dr. Nicole Fournier – Chiropractor

Meet our Practitioners

Dr J’aime Goguen – Chiropractor

Dr. Goguen is one of our Chiropractors known for taking an active approach to treating her patients. She is currently training in Powerlifting at 613 LIFT Ltd, and performs Salsa at the Azúcar! Latin Dance Company. Through her own personal experiences, she understands the importance of remaining active and doing what she loves, and she ensures that her patients are able to do the same. Dr. Goguen also keeps current in education as she is enrolled at McMaster University for Medical Acupuncture, and is currently participating in a clinical research study for her alumni at Queen’s University (more information to follow!). Feel free to book an initial consultation with her through our website or call the clinic on 613 722 7799!


Neck Pain and Physiotherapy

Neck pain can be a debilitating problem effecting 1 in 5 people, having a significant impact on their life. For most patients, a well thought out physiotherapy treatment plan can help them to live without pain. To be successful it is important to fully understand the cause of your neck pain and to build a plan of intervention to address, compensate for, and correct the underlaying causes.

Did you know that:

• 10-20% of people will experience neck pain in a given year.
• Office workers have a higher incidence of neck pain than the general population.
• Urban dwellers have more neck pain than people who live in rural communities.
• Most neck pain is recurrent, if left untreated it will last over a person’s entire life.
• Women are more likely to suffer from neck pain than men.
• Wealthier countries report higher incidences of neck pain.
• People between 35-49 years of age are most likely to experience neck pain.



A thorough assessment of neck pain means, discovering which factors are contributing to the patient’s problem. Here is a some of the possible  contributing factors.

• Poor posture (standing, sitting, sleeping)
• History of trauma
• Sedentary lifestyle and work environment
• History of repetitive neck or upper extremity motions
• Poor ergonomic set up (especially computer stations)
• Weak neck stabilizing musculature
• Poor shoulder blade position, strength or control
• A family history of neck pain
• Thoracic spine stiffness
• Central nervous system hypersensitivity
• Depression or anxiety

Once we understand the main factors leading to the development of a patient’s neck pain, we can do a complete examination including tests of the muscular and neurological systems as well as a physical examination of the joints. Physiotherapists also screen for more serious medical pathology and refer to the appropriate physicians if necessary. Only after we synthesize all of this information can we put together an excellent physiotherapy treatment plan.


All patient’s are unique, hence have different contributing factors, each treatment plan will be specific to that individual’s problem. Research has shown that physiotherapy combining manual (hands on) therapy and exercise works better than either of those treatments alone. It is critical that your physiotherapist uses the right type of manual therapy, focused on the tissues and joints, coupled with an expertly prescribed exercise program. This is why at Wellness House we offer hands on treatments and do not utilize machines in our clinic.

Zack Song B.Sc., M.PT.

Registered Physiotherapist


Stats from:

How to Keep Your Spinal Discs Healthy

Bottom Line:

Spinal discs are the shock absorbers between the bones, or vertebrae, of your spine. The discs have a tough outer ring and a jelly-like centre. Their job is to help us move, bend, and twist while absorbing the weight of gravity. But, over time, our spinal discs can become degenerative.

Injuries, aging, and the effects of gravity all contribute to disc degeneration. The good news is that degenerative discs rarely cause pain unless they bulge or herniate, which places pressure on the spinal nerves. So how can you slow down the degenerative process and keep your discs healthy? Keep reading

Why it Matters:

Top research journals have recently discovered that movement and hydration are two important factors to keep your discs healthy. A well-hydrated disc can more easily adapt to movement and is less prone to injury. Many Chiropractic techniques are designed to “pump” your spinal discs. This motion helps bring nutrients into the disc and pushes out inflammation and waste. That is a fancy way to say that Chiropractic care can help keep your spinal discs healthy! Here are the key takeaways:

  • Your spinal discs act as small shock absorbers between the bones of your spine.
  • Movement helps bring nutrients into the disc and pushes out waste and inflammation, helping them stay healthy.
  • Torn, herniated, or bulging discs can cause pain by irritating the nearby nerves, and Chiropractic care may be one of the best ways to heal and feel better!

Next Steps:

A combination of Chiropractic care and staying well-hydrated are two fundamental ways you can keep your spinal discs healthy and pain-free. But, don’t forget to stay active between your adjustments. And here is one more tip to slow down Father Time: daily exercise and stretching. Exercise and stretching will not only keep you fit and trim but can also potentially slow down the degenerative changes of your spine keeping you healthy and active for many years to come!


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