Your First Appointment

At your first appointment you can expect to spend approximately one hour with one of our doctors. This appointment will begin with a conversation with the doctor called a comprehensive history. During this time the doctor will ask you questions about your condition such as:

• Where is the pain located?
• How long have you had the pain?
• How is this pain affecting your daily activities?

After the history the doctor will perform a physical examination which will include an analysis of your gait (how you walk), your ranges of motion, a neurological examination and then specific tests for your condition. The doctor will then do a report of findings with you, in which they will explain your condition, the proposed treatment and answer any questions that you may have.

At Wellness House we pride ourselves on excellent patient education and we always welcome your questions during your appointments. Subsequent appointments are generally between 10-15 minutes depending on your needs.

Watch a video about your first appointment.

Watch a Chiropractic adjustment.