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5 Ways to Adjust your Bike to Your Body

While adjusting your bicycle is a complex task and you should consult a Bike Fitter for any major or initial adjustments, these few tips can be used if you are experiencing pain:

1. Get the right bike saddle- using the right saddle (aka seat) will support your pelvis. The size of saddle depends largely on the person and the type of riding you do. If the saddle is wide enough to distribute your weight evenly you shouldn’t need a lot of extra padding.

2. Set the saddle to the right height- The rule of thumb is if you have pain in front of your knee your saddle is too low, behind the knee, your saddle is too high.

3. Check your grips- If you have numbness in your hands try switching your grips or using gloves to avoid Ulnar neuropathy.

4. Adjust your handlebars to prevent back pain- In general if your handlebars are too low you will get pain in your neck. Pain in the middle of the shoulders is often due to handlebars that are too wide. And handle bars that are too far away from you will often cause pain in your low back.
5. Wear proper shoes- The correct shoe for biking will have a stiffer sole and be supportive of your foot, not allowing your foot to wrap around the pedal.

Check out this article in the Toronto Star for more info:

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